MCM 2022 in London

Our staff in front of the UCL building

The 13th international conference on the "Scientific and Clinical applications of Magnetic Carriers" was held from June 14th to June 17th, 2022. Our work group, Lennart Göpfert, Ioana Slabu, Benedikt Mues and Max Schoenen (f.l.t.r.), made their way to London to present, learn and network with collegues from the international community.


Our group was represented at this year's conference with a talk and 2 poster contributions. Benedikt Mues gave his talk on "Hyperthermia and Imaging Performance of Hybrid Stents with Incorporated Magnetic Nanoparticles for Tumor Ablation" and thus gave an insight into the physical properties of our nanoparticles. Max Schoenen investigated further physical properties and summarized his results in "The Impact of MNP Agglomerations inside Magnetic Fibers on MRI, MPI and Hyperthermia Performance" on his poster. With his poster contribution, Lennart Göpfert presented his research on the continuous synthesis of nanoparticles under the topic "Millifluidic two-phase system for the continuous automated manufacturing of MNP". On his poster, Oliver Reisen focuses on the application-oriented topic "Temperature-Controlled Drug Release From Magnetic Plga Nanospheres Enabling Efficient Treatment Of Pancreatic Cancer Cells".