Neue Veröffentlichungen 02/2022


Wandel N. Weinmann M., Neidlin M., Klein R. Spline-PINN: Approaching PDEs without Data using Fast, Physics-Informed Hermite-Spline CNNs. Arxiv. AAAI 2022 (Main Track). last revised 22 Mar 2022 (this version, v2)]

Neidlin M., Yousefian E., Luisi C., Sichtermann Th., Minkenberg J., Hasan D., Ridwan H., Steinseifer U., Wiesmann M., Nikoubashman O. Flow control in the middle cerebral artery during thrombectomy: the effect of anatomy, catheter size and tip location. J Neurointerv Surg 2022 Apr 12. Online ahead of print.
DOI: 10.1136/neurintsurg-2021-01862

Jahnen-Dechent W , Buscher A ; Morgan A, Ritter J, Steinseifer U. VESSEL-ON-A CHIP FOR THE STUDY OF VASCULAR CALCIFICATION. In: Tissue Engineering Part A. Meeting Abstract. Published APR 2022, Volume 28, Page S399-S399, Supplement 1, Meeting Abstract 1422.

Hesselmann F., Halwes M., Bongartz P., Wessling M., Cornelissen C., Schmitz-Rode T., Steinseifer U., Jansen S. V., Arens J. TPMS-based membrane lung with locally-modified permeabilities for optimal flow distribution. Sci Rep. 2022 May 3.
DOI: 10.1038/s41598-022-11175-y

Costa A. M.; Halfwerk F.; Wiegmann B.; Thiel J.-N.; Neidlin M.; Arens J. PULM6: Evaluating The Influence Of Fibre Replacement And Configuration For The Development Of A Novel Artificial Lung Integrating Oxygenation And Hemofiltration Membrane Fibre Layers In A Single Device. ASAIO Journal: June 2022 - Volume 68 - Issue Supplement 2 - p 87.
DOI. 10.1097/01.mat.0000841192.81813.75

Costa A. M.; Halfwerk F.; Wiegmann B.; Neidlin M. and Arens J. Trends, Advantages and Disadvantages in Combined Extracorporeal Lung and Kidney Support From a Technical Point of View. REVIEW article. Front. Med. Technol., 21 June 2022 Sec. Cardiovascular Medtech. Volume 4 - 2022 |

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