AME-SCM is part of the NRW joint project „MDR-Support


In the new MWIDE-Project MDR-Support, the Science Management group (AME-SCM) is working together with the partners MedEcon Ruhr GmbH from Bochum, CeNTech GmbH from Münster, the Gesellschaft zur Wirtschafts- und Strukturförderung im Märkischen Kreis mbH from Altena and MedLife e.V. from Aachen on the development of support measures for implementing the MDR – Medical Device Regulation – and the IVDR – In vitro Diagnostic Regulation – in the medical technology industry in North Rhine-Westphalia.

The SCM focus lies on the development of a „Digital Compass“ as a software-based orientation aid in the clinical evaluation of medical products. In connection with additional support measures the withdrawal of innovative and established medical products from the market due to a lack of certifications regarding new EU-regulation for medical products (MDR) should be prevented.

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