EduDerm – Development and Evaluation of a skin, vascular and tissue model for the training of standard surgical procedures



Johanna Clauser

Group Leader Research & Validation


+49 241 80-47456


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Practical training in the area of standard surgical procedures teaches invasive techniques and methods, but students often perform these surgical techniques for the first time directly on the patient. This can present an unnecessary risk for the patients, for the students, as well as for the responsible physicians.


In this cooperation project with the Aachener Interdisziplinäres Trainingszentrum für medizinische Ausbildung (AIXTRA) of the University Hospital Aachen, a skin, vascular and tissue model is going to be developed and evaluated on which basic surgical skills can be learned and improved. Students are to be enabled to learn various techniques from everyday clinical life, such as suturing, cutting, stapling, or puncturing and cannulating vessels in a realistic scenario without risk. The models should be available both as part of the established medical training under the guidance of the teaching staff and to self-study at home to enable the practice and perfection of standard surgical procedures.


The section of a skin area with its tissue layers and vessels is reproduced combining different materials with its compound behavior, as well as in the behavior of individual tissue layers. Both students and experienced physicians assess the realistic nature and usefulness of the model by means of various parameters within corresponding courses at AIXTRA over two semesters. Results are used to iteratively improve the design of the model in order to achieve the best possible result.

Funding This research project is funded by the Program „Innovative Lehrprojekte“ of the Faculty of Medicine, RWTH Aachen
Cooperation Partner Aachener Interdisziplinäres Trainingszentrum für medizinische Ausbildung – AIXTRA