DoctoralExams in November 2021


We congratulate Mr. Malte Schöps and Mr. Felix Hesselmann on passing their doctoral exams! Both graduated as Dr.-Ing.

Malte Schöps held his oral presentation on "Monster Waves - Enigmatic Myth or Scientific Reality?" on 16.11.2021 .
His PhD topic is: "A Novel Large-Volume Production of Ghost Cells: Design, Verification and Validation".

Felix Hesselmann gave his oral presentation one day later, on 17.11.2021, on the topic "Stars on Earth - Nuclear Fusion as an Energy Source of the Future?".
His PhD topic is: "Advances in Artificial Lung Technology:The Potential Application of Three-dimensional Membranes".

  Malte Schöps Copyright: © CVE Malte Schöps   Prof. Steinseifer, Felix Hesselmann, Prof. Arens Copyright: © CVE Prof. Steinseifer, Felix Hesselmann, Prof. Arens  
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