Sebastian Jansen

Group Leader Therapies & Applications, Dept. Head of Dept. CVE


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  PLAAO segmented left atrium Copyright: © CVEAME Segmented left atrium in light blue and the left atrial appendage volume in red


Atrial fibrillation leads to a five-fold increase in the stroke risk. If treatment of the atrial fibrillation fails and long-term anti-coagulation carries to much risk in a patient, the stroke risks can be reduced by implanting an occluder in the left atrial appendage (LAA). This LAA-occluder is placed via a catheter and permanently seals of the LAA. Closing the LAA is complicated by the wide range of LAA morphologies.


The PLAAO project aims to improve the seal of the LAA as well as reduce the risk to the patient by personalizing the LAA-occluder’s shape.


The CVE segments the CT images of 125 patients and measures the LAAs. The resulting set of anatomical informs the design process. The design is done in close cooperation of the CVE with ADMEDES. ADMEDES manufactures the resulting LAA-occluders, which are then tested in vitro by the CVE. To facilitate this testing the CVE develops a test setup, that can be personalized.

Thesis projects

We currently offer one thesis project:

Weiterentwicklung und Validierung eines In-Vitro-Modell des linken Vorhofs

If you are interested in the PLAAO project and want to contribute as an intern or by doing a bachelor or master thesis project, feel free to contact Mr. Doose.

Financial support Federal Ministry of Education and Research
Partner and project coordinator ADMEDES GmbH