After visceral surgical resection, in many cases intestinal continuity is restored by manual suturing. Postoperative leakage of this suture connection - the so-called anastomosis insufficiency - is a highly relevant complication after such an operation. It leads to the release of intestinal contents into the abdominal cavity with subsequent inflammation of the peritonitis, resulting in a life-threatening situation for the patients.

Therefore, to avoid anastomosis insufficiencies, a reduction of suture tension to a non-pathological level without corresponding tissue destruction is of decisive importance.

The E-Suture project is investigating the use of tension-optimising materials and yarn structures as surgical suture material. In everyday clinical practice, the use of such a novel suture could contribute to a relevant reduction of anastomosis insufficiencies and thus to a reduction in the morbidity and mortality of patients.


We would like to thank Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft e.V. (DFG) for the financial support of the research project.


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