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  A concept for the smartMove orthosis is shown in combination with signals controling the orthsis Copyright: © RPE



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Smart orthotic device to improve Movement capacity of patients suffering from spasticity (smartMove)

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Spasticity is the major reason for movement handicap in children and millions of adults suffer from spasticity worldwide due to stroke. Since the individual patient cannot control the occurrence of spasticity, movements are possible only under extremely forceful effort and sometimes with pain. The scientific goal of smartMove is the development of a smart orthosis, which supports the execution of the movement in such a way that a spastic contraction of the musculature does not occur at the moment that the movement is performed. This would increase the movement capability of patients with spasticity and significantly improve their quality of life.

smartMove is a multilateral cooperation project between Mexico and Germany. This multilateral cooperation provides an interdisciplinary approach to which engineers, physicians, therapists, orthopedic mechanics and industrial companies may contribute.



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