RPE – Rehabilitation and Prevention Engineering




Catherine Dißelhorst-Klug

Professor of Rehabilitation and Prevention Engineering


+49 241 80-87011



The scientific expertise of the Department of Rehabilitation and Prevention Engineering, RPE, focuses on the development and implementation of new assistive technologies in order to prevent musculoskeletal dysfunction and restore motor function.

Special emphasis is given to the area of movement biomechanics including neuromuscular co-ordination with a focus on the development and application of novel devices which can be utilized in prevention, diagnosis, to support therapeutic measures and rehabilitation for patients with movement disorders.

Fully integrated movement sensors are used in conjunction with feature extraction algorithms to detect pathological movements and give feedback to patients and therapists. Furthermore, biomechanical modelling and simulation of human movement is performed.

The objective is the development of new processes and techniques which support doctors during diagnosis, therapy planning and evaluation by means of objective data.