Fluid–Structure Interaction Model of a Percutaneous Aortic Valve: Comparison with an In Vitro Test and Feasibility Study in a Patient-Specific Case

Dordrecht [u.a.] / Springer Science + Business Media B.V (2015, 2016) [Journal Article]

Annals of biomedical engineering
Volume: 44
Issue: 2
Page(s): 590-603


Selected Authors

Wu, Wei
Pott, Desiree
Mazza, Beniamino
Sironi, Tommaso
Dordoni, Elena

Other Authors

Chiastra, Claudio
Petrini, Lorenza
Pennati, Giancarlo
Dubini, Gabriele
Steinseifer, Ulrich
Sonntag, Simon
Kütting, Maximilian
Migliavacca, Francesco