Nanomedicines for Inflammatory Arthritis: Head-to-Head Comparison of Glucocorticoid-Containing Polymers, Micelles, and Liposomes

Washington, DC / ACS, American Chemical Society (2014) [Journal Article]

ACS nano
Volume: 8
Issue: 1
Page(s): 458-466


Selected Authors

Quan, Lingdong
Zhang, Yijia
Crielaard, Bart J.
Dusad, Anand
Lele, Subodh M.

Other Authors

Rijcken, Cristianne J. F.
Metselaar, Josbert M.
Kostková, Hana
Etrych, Tomas
Ulbrich, Karel
Kießling, Fabian
Mikuls, Ted R.
Hennink, Wim E.
Storm, Gert
Lammers, Twan
Wang, Dong