Lack of Fetuin-A (alpha(2)-HS-Glycoprotein) Reduces Mammary Tumor Incidence and Prolongs Tumor Latency via the Transforming Growth Factor-beta Signaling Pathway in a Mouse Model of Breast Cancer

Guillory, Bobby (Author); Sakwe, Amos M. (Author); Saria, Margret (Author); Thompson, Pamela (Author); Adhiambo, Christine (Author); Koumangoye, Rainelli (Author); Ballard, Billy (Author); Binhazim, Awadh (Author); Cone, Cecil (Author); Jahanen-Dechent, Willi (Author); Ochieng, Josiah (Author)

Bethesda, Md / American Society for Investigative Pathology (2010) [Journal Article]

The American journal of pathology
Volume: 177
Issue: 5
Page(s): 2635-2644