Evaluation of tissue components in the peripheral nervous system using Sirius red staining and immunohistochemistry : a comparative study (human, pig, rat)

Kämmer, Daniel A. (Author); Bozkurt, Ahmet (Author); Otto, Jens (Author); Junge, Karsten (Author); Klink, Christian Daniel (Author); Weis, Joachim (Author); Sellhaus, Bernd (Author); O'Dey, Dan mon (Author); Pallua, Norbert (Author); Jansen, Marc (Author); Schumpelick, Volker (Author); Klinge, Uwe (Author)

Amsterdam / Elsevier [u.a.] (2010) [Journal Article]

Journal of neuroscience methods
Volume: 190
Issue: 1
Page(s): 112-116