New EXIST project granted


Within the program "EXIST - Existenzgründungen aus der Wissenschaft" of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy our proposal for the "EXIST Research Transfer: ECCOR" was granted, which will lead to the so-called H BOX.


Carbon monoxide intoxication is the most common and dangerous poisoning in both industrialized and developing countries. Carbon monoxide blocks oxygen transport in the blood and patients suffocate internally. In the EU and the USA 180,000 patients are treated annually, but unfortunately the effectiveness and availability of treatment options are limited.

We are developing a completely new treatment option for these patients, the H BOX (Hyperbaric Batch OXygenator).
With the H BOX, carbon monoxide is removed extracorporeally directly from the patient's blood. The H BOX is a portable and mobile device that can be used directly at the site of the accident and during patient transport.

A proof of principle has been developed for the system so far. Laboratory tests have shown that the principle of extracorporeal elimination of CO works excellently. The next steps in this project are the development of the prototype to design freeze, verification and validation and the implementation of the business plan. In addition, a start-up company will be established to bring the H BOX to market and thus to the patients after the project is completed.

The highly motivated team of founders consists of mechanical engineering, process and medical engineering and industrial engineering. It is flanked by mentors with decades of experience in the fields of start-up and start-up consulting, ISO standardization work and expert opinions for notified bodies, as well as emergency and intensive care medicine.


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