Eine Uni - ein Buch, Asterix und die Mauer


This week there will be another edition within the project "One university - one book".

You are cordially invited to visit the seminar building 209 in Mies-va-der-Rohe-Str. 17 on Thursday, 11.07.19 from 12:00-14:00 and experience the exciting history behind "Asterix and the Walls". Prof. Dr. Paganini and Prof. Dr. Nacken will highlight the significance of walls that have played an important role from antiquity to the present day with the help of Asterix comics. Prof. Dr. Paganini will take a closer look at the symbolism of the wall, while Prof. Dr. Nacken will go into more detail on how it works and how it is used. There is even the possibility to build a mobile flood protection wall on the forecourt.

Since cake and coffee are served, your physical well-being is also taken care of.

Further information as well as the following events can be found on the website. We would be delighted to welcome you to the event. You are also welcome to bring other interested parties with you.