New publications 03/2022


A. Aljalloud, K. Spetsotaki, L. Tewarie, L. Rossato, U. Steinseifer, R. Autschbach, and M. Menne. Stent deformation in a sutureless aortic valve bioprosthesis: a pilot observational analysis using imaging and three-dimensional modelling. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF CARDIO-THORACIC SURGERY 62, 1. July 2022.

M. Klein, J. C. Tack, I. Mager, J. Maas, T. Schmitz-Rode, J. Arens, U. Steinseifer, and J. C. Clauser. In vitro thrombogenicity evaluation of rotary blood pumps by thromboelastometry. BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING-BIOMEDIZINISCHE TECHNIK 67, 6, 471–480. Aug. 2022.

N Pütz, F Hima , N Gendron , L Strudthoff , R Zayat , S Kalverkamp , J Spillner , C Hensen. The “Outside-In” Approach – a minimally invasive central access for future thoracic organ support. Zentralbl Chir 2022; 147(S 01): S76.
DOI: 10.1055/s-0042-1754264.

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