AME: Project examples

The five departments of the Institute of Applied Medical Engineering give an overview of project-examples.

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CVE – Cardiovascular Engineering

The (further) development of cardiopulmonary therapies is the mission of the Department of Cardiovascular Engineering. The well-being of the patient is always at the center of attention.

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RPE – Rehabilitation and Prevention Engineering

The Department of Rehabilitation and Prevention Engineering (RPE) focuses on the development and implementation of new assistive technologies in order to prevent musculoskeletal dysfunction and restore motor function.

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BEE – Biophysical & Education Engineering

Working on projects in medical engineering always makes use of interdisciplinary concepts. The Biophysical & Education Engineering group, BEE, therefore is dedicated to two major aims: scientific research and professional education.

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BioTex – Biohybrid & Medical Textiles

The main clinical focus of research is on the development of biohybrid implants in the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Another focus is on the development and testing of different materials for tissue engineering applications.

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SCM – Science Management

The pathway and speed with which a biomedical innovation arises from an idea or invention, are today seen as a multidimensional, iterative process. To influence on this process SCM is pursuing currently two different approaches.

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AMB - Advanced Materials for Biomedicine

Laura De Laporte develops biohybrid and bioinspired materials for advanced medical applications, for example to replicate the complex structure of natural tissues. To achieve this, she is working on new synthetic material concepts and new methods of manufacture, combining engineering, chemistry and biology to design biomaterials that control and direct the interaction with cells. Her team designs low-invasive, polymeric regenerative hydrogel therapies, consisting of nano –and micron-scale building blocks that orient after injection to repair anisotropic tissues, such as the spinal cord. In addition, dynamic hydrogels are created for drug delivery and to study mechanobiology.

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