RPE – Rehabilitation and Prevention Engineering


Since 1972 the motivation of the Department of Rehabilitation and Prevention Engineering, RPE, has been the development and realization of adaptive systems and methods which support the prevention, diagnosis and therapy of movement disorders.



Catherine Disselhorst-Klug

Dept. Rehabilitation and Prevention Engineering


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Leonardo da Vinci 1508: Life is movement – Movement is life

Coordinated movement is the key to the world. Movement disorders and restrictions cause pain, disable and make daily activities more difficult. Therefore, it is imperative through specific measures to maintain or to restore the ability to move. The loss of quality of life as well as the health care costs associated with movement disorders demand innovative approaches to the maintenance and / or restoration of mobility.

  Diagnosis of movement disorders Copyright: © AME/RPE Development of adaptive systems and methods which support the diagnosis and therapy of movement disorders.

To be successful RPE has gathered extensive knowledge about the physiological and pathological function of the human musculoskeletal- and neuromuscular systems. Technical expertise is combined with aspects of the biomechanics of movement, muscle biomechanics and movement coordination via the central nervous system. Early consideration of the clinical stipulations such as the requirements of therapists and patients boosts the acceptance and supports the rapid translation in usage.

Integration of the knowledge about how to integrate the devices in the clinical workflow, how to meet patients’ and therapists’ demands and how to achieve user acceptance accelerate the translation from the research laboratory into patients’ everyday life.


  • Early diagnosis of developing movement disorders in newborns
  • Quantitative acquisition and description of movement disorders in the upper extremity
  • Non-invasive detection of single motor unity activity for the painless diagnosis of neuromuscular diseases
  • Individualized, technically assisted rehabilitation
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