Doctoral Thesis in Summer 2020


We congratulate Mrs. Kristin Unthan, Mr. Sascha Groß-Hardt and Mr. Georg Wagner on passing their PhD examinations!

Ms. Unthan received her doctorate on 03.06.2020 as Dr. rer. medic. with the topic "Development of a controller for an electric, fully implantable artificial heart".

Two days later, on 05.06.2020, Mr. Groß-Hardt also received his doctorate as Dr. rer. medic. with the topic "On the numerical determination of blood damage in rotary blood pumps".

On 07.07.2020 Mr. Wagner first gave his digital doctoral lecture with the title "The autonomous motorcycle". Subsequently, he passed the examination for Dr.-Ing. with the topic "Simple and safe replacement of components in extracorporeal blood circulation".

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