New CVE Management Team

  Zoom Screenshot of the CVE Management Team Copyright: © CVE-Zoom The CVE Management in Home Office

The Department of Cardiovascular Engineering underwent several changes in management:

In 2019, Professor Ulrich Steinseifer returned to a full position as Head of Department from Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. His deputy, PD Dr. Jutta Arens, accepted a position as Professor and Chair of Engineering Organ Support Technologies at University Twente in Enschede, Netherlands. Former research associate Dr. Sebastian Jansen returned from industry as Chief Scientist and new Deputy Head of the Department. Dr. Johanna Clauser took over the position of Chief Scientist after successful completion of her PhD with distinction.

In 2020, former research associate Dr. Michael Neidlin is returning as well from Greece as Chief Scientist and finally. Furthermore, our new colleague Marie-Luise David will support the CVE regarding research and project management.

The research was restructured in three fields: Application & Therapies, Research & Validation and Modelling & Simulation.

However, the mission stays firmly in place:

“Engineering cardiopulmonary therapies for the benefit of patients.”

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