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Astrid Burg

Rehabilitation & Prevention Engineering


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RWTH Aachen: Corpartner in EIT Health

RWTH is a Core Partner of EIT Health, which is one of the biggest publicly funded initiatives in health worldwide. EIT Health combines the know-how of more than 140 leading organisations out of 16 European countries, which represent the most important areas in healthcare such as pharmaceutical industry, medical technology, sponsors, research institutes and universities.

EIT Health issues calls yearly for sponsorships in research, education and entrepreneurship, to which the EIT-Partners can submit an application. Of all the academic partners, the RWTH Aachen has submitted the largest number of proposals with the largest volume of funding in 2018. Currently there is a 50 % chance for approval. Funded topics will be highly innovative products and services that maintain health, improve health care and enable active ageing.

Professor Catherine Disselhorst-Klug, Head of the Department of Rehabilitation & Prevention Engineering (RPE) is the Rector’s representative for EIT Health at the RWTH Aachen University. In the Department of Rehabilitation & Prevention Engineering (RPE) we are happy to advice you about how to submit a proposal, to support you in finding external partners and to answer all other questions concerning the EIT Health.

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