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i2-CoRT: Innovation and Implementation accelerator for Complex Rehabilitation Technology

i2-CoRT brings together state-of-the-art knowledge & experience of rehabilitation centres, knowledge centres, (SME) businesses, healthcare sector organizations and patients (organizations) in order to promote and accelerate rehabilitation technology innovation and implementation.

By bringing knowledge and expertise together under one roof in test centers (Living Labs) at three rehabilitation centers in the Netherlands and Belgium, it will be possible to accelerate the innovation and implementation of rehabilitation technology.

Within the main project, several subprojects are used as exemplary projects:

  • robotics for arm / hand skills,
  • sensor technology for arm / hand skills,
  • functional strength measurement and for quantifying sitting behavior
  • 3D printing of orthoses

The Euregional project i2-CoRT was officially launched at a symposium on the 24th of May at Adelante in Hoensbroek. It has a size of almost 4 million euro and is co-financed by Interreg Euregio Meuse-Rhine and various Euregional provincial governments. The main aim is to bring together therapists, researchers, patients, universities, university colleges, and manufacturers of technology in the Euregio in order to develop, among other, new technologies for new forms of treatment in rehabilitation medicine.

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