Innovative modular prosthesis

  A concept for the innovative modular Prosthesis for upper extremity Copyright: © RPE



Elisa Romero Avila

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Development of new Materials and nanocomposites functional for a technological application and validation on a modular Prosthesis for upper extremity (DEMaPro)

The opportunity to interact with the environment is an essential part of our society. The loss of one hand is, therefore, a significant incision in the lives of those affected. At present, there are technically complex hand prostheses with which the functionality can be reconditioned. However, the nature of the construction, mainly the materials used, and eventually the price, restricts a large proportion of affected people from being provided with these prostheses, especially in developing countries. According to this, innovative materials and prosthesis concepts are required, which enable a prosthetic provision for these patients.

The scientific goal of DeMaPro is the development of new materials which enable the accomplishment of a cost-effective arm prosthesis with adequate functionality, satisfying simultaneously the environmental challenges and the patient acceptance. These include 1) the development of a suitable composite based on a nanoparticle-enriched polymer matrix with high mechanical strength, anti-bacterial and UV resistance, and 2) the development of an adhesive electrode material with self-adhesive and reusability properties, with which the muscle activation is captured in order to be used in the operation of the prosthesis.

The multilateral cooperation between Mexico and Germany is extraordinary appropriate for reaching the project objectives of DeMaPro since an interdisciplinary approach can be realized. DeMaPro pursues not only scientific topics but also other objectives such as the exchange of knowledge, the support of young scientists and increase of their mobility. The early involvement of industrial companies enables the rapid implementation of the developed materials into an innovative medical product with a high socio-economic importance.



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