Assistive robotics for care givers

  Robot supprts care giver by holding Patient's arm Copyright: © RPE



Maximilian Siebert

Rehabilitation & Prevention Engineering


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PfleKoRo: Facilitated care for difficult-to-care patients through cooperative robotics

Caring for an aging population poses a growing challenge to all healthcare systems. As the number of patients in need of care reaches new heights, the number of new caregivers cannot satisfy the increasing demand. One reason for the shortage of skilled workers is that caregiving is physically very demanding and often leads to back injuries. Particularly challenging are patients in need of intensive care, who cannot actively support the staff during caregiving. In these cases, a second nurse must assist, thereby tying up already scarce human resources. The aim of the PfleKoRo-project is to alleviate some of the nurses’ physical and temporal burden with the help of a robotic assistance system. Based on lightweight robots of the “Kuka lbr med” type, a system is being developed that cooperates the nursing staff by taking over physically demanding holding and repositioning tasks.


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