Organotypic Epigenetic Signature Predicts Bone and Marrow Niche Forming Capacity of Stromal Progenitors in a Novel Mouse Model in Vivo

Reinisch, Andreas; Etchart, Nathalie; Hofmann, Nicole A.; Frühwirth, Margareta; Ortner, Anna; Thaler, Daniela; Feilhauer, Birgit; Hartwig, Udo F.; Beham-Schmid, Christine; Trajanosky, Slave; Wagner, Wolfgang; Alves, Frauke; Schallmoser, Katharina; Andreeff, Michael; Strunk, Dirk

Washington, DC : American Society of Hematology (2012)
Contribution to a conference proceedings, Journal Article

In: Blood : the journal of hematology
Volume: 120
Issue: 21


  • [811001-1]