Funded by Faculty of medicine RWTH


START Programm

Interventional measurement

For over 20 years catheter based implantations of artificial heart valves provide an alternative to open heart surgery. The success of a catheter-based implantation depends, inter alia, on the knowledge of the measurement and form of the pathological heart valve. The implantation of an inaccurately sized heart valve can lead to severe complications. As conventional imaging-techniques show divergent measurements, a concept for a new measurement device is developed in this project.

Surface Structures

Improving the hemocompatibility of polyurethane by means of surface structuring.

MoBox - Sweep gas supply for wearable artificial lungs

The mobilization of patients with extracorporeal lung support is the next logical development step in the field of artificial lung research. The “MoBox” project aims to close a research gap in the miniaturization of portable lung systems and is dedicated to the development of an efficiently dimensioned oxygen supply for ambulatory lung support.


“OxyBench” is an interdisciplinary research project aiming for a simulation and test platform for novel membrane oxygenators and technologies in artificial lungs for the treatment of chronic lung disease. The test methods within this project are developed to allow reproducible, preclinical long-term tests of artificial lungs.