BioTex Spin-Offs


In the following we present start-up companies, which have been established together with our cooperation partners.

Fibrothelium GmbH was founded in 2017 and specializes in the isolation of natural silk proteins and their processing. The processing and application possibilities offer a wide range for creative ideas and are almost unlimited. The innovative power of this biomaterial can be utilized in products for medical technology for example.

PerAGraft GmbH was founded in 2019 and focuses on reducing the waiting time for a custom-made stent graft from up to eight weeks to five days. This is enabled by an end-to-end digital process chain based on computer tomography images of the patients. In this way, order processing - from data receipt to design and simulation to computer-controlled production of the individual implant - can be largely automated and significantly accelerated.

O11 biomedical GmbH was founded in 2022. Their mission is to revolutionize therapy and significantly improve survival and quality of life for large groups of patients suffering from increased level of CO2 in the blood (hypercapnia). Therefore, RESPILIQ®, “the liquid breath” is developed. Instead of tackling the problem via the lung, RESPILIQ® is using the human intestines as breathing organ. Administered orally or rectally, RESPILIQ® initiates a potentially life-saving reduction of CO2 in the blood.