Alicia Fernandez Colino

Junior Research Group Leader (Federal Ministry of Education and Research) - Biomaterials


+49 241 80 47470



Nature is an exceptional inspirational source and, in fact, only nature has produced tissues capable of lasting for a lifetime in the majority of humans. Therefore, the strategy of closely mimicking the complexity of natural designs seems the way to go to develop functional replacements. The TeXlastins project embodies a bio-inspired approach that merges insights from materials science, tissue engineering, and biomedicine. The biomimetic cardiovascular implants produced in the frame of this project are expected to provide significant advances in the field and lead to a new generation of clinically relevant replacements. More information, care be found here.

Industry sponsors/project partners:

Technical Proteins NanoBioTechnolog, S.L.

Fibrothelium GmbH

This project is funded by the BMBF (NanoMatFutur program, 13XP5136, Jan 2022 - Dec2026).

  This project is sponsored by the federal ministry of education and research