Stroke is one of the most common diseases in Germany is the third most frequent cause of death; there are increasing numbers of cases and considerable social and economic consequences. A stroke can be caused by a rupture of a cerebral aneurysm resulting in cerebral haemorrhage. Despite overall good success in neurovascular therapies, the treatment of broad-based bifurcation aneurysms in particular is associated with high recurrence rates.

The aim of the project is the development and preclinical evaluation of an innovative integrated stent system for neurovascular therapy. The stent composite system has a flow-modulating effect based on a biofunctional, radiopaque and fibre-based membrane (implant head) and a microstructured carrier (carrier stent).

The novelty of the stent composite system lies in the biofunctional membrane, which prevents unspecific protein adsorption through the combination of different materials, at the same time the membrane promotes the adhesion of endothelial cells. Another advantage of the membrane is its direct flow-modelling effect, which leads to a reduction in blood flow and thus to the closure of the aneurysm.

In order to successfully meet these challenges, an interdisciplinary consortium has won the NRW-Leitmarkt competition "Neue Werkstoffe.NRW". Under the management of the Bochum-based company Phenox GmbH, the following sub-tasks will be addressed: The DWI - Leibniz Institute for Interactive Materials in Aachen will be responsible for material development, the Chair for Biohybrids and Medical Textiles at RWTH Aachen will be responsible for material processing and reproducible production of the electrospun membrane and femtos GmbH in Bochum will be responsible for the production of the filigree carrier structures. In three years Phenox intends to successfully complete the development work through preclinical trials and subsequently convert it into an approved product.


The project "FilaMem" (EFRE-0800159) is finished and was funded by the European Fund for Regional Development North Rhine-Westphalia (EFRE.NRW).


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