Cluster Biomedical Engineering

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The Cluster Biomedical Engineering is one of a total of 16 research clusters, which are arising on RWTH Aachen Campus. The cluster represents the substantial framework of a long-term research area.  


Each cluster has an allocated construction site for buildings, which house the interdisciplinary academic teams and industry consortia.

The clusters are the common roof of a continuous cooperation between academia and industry. In this way hotspots of research and development are provided as an optimal environment for creating solutions to relevant questions.

Five centers of the Cluster Biomedical Engineering

Each cluster is organized in centers, which represent the functional units and are focused on visionary approaches to solutions for a specific relevant topic.

The following centers are under development within the Cluster Biomedical Engineering:

  • Center Telemedicine / Center for Digital Medicine
    Coordinator: Professor Gernot Marx
  • Center Medical Training & Testing
    Coordinator: Professor René Tolba
  • Center for Biohybrid Medical Systems
    Coordinators: Professor Thomas Schmitz-Rode and Professor Fabian Kiessling

The following centers are in preparation:

  • Reinventing Hospital
    Coordinator: Professor Rolf Rossaint
  • Translational Center for Precision Medicine
    Coordinators: Professor Tim Brümmendorf and Professor Jörg Schulz

and are in charge of the superordinate management of the Cluster Biomedical Engineering.