Center for Biohybrid Medical Systems – CBMS

  Center for Biohybrid Medical Systems

CBMS aims at to combine technical and biological components to create so-called biohybrid medical systems, with a special focus on their production methods and testing.

New insights into molecular mechanisms led to a paradigm shift in modern medicine. Instead of using purely artificial implants like heart valves and vascular grafts or synthetic drugs, the biohybrid approach offers to steer the reaction of the organism more specifically and naturally. This approach has the potential to improve the functionality and biocompatibility of implants und pharmacologic agents.

The research activities of the CBMS are focused on biohybrid implants for the cardiovascular system and on lung support systems as well as on the design of diagnostic and therapeutic nanoparticles for personalized therapies for cancer and inflammatory diseases.

In order to be successful, the production process has to be considered from the very beginning. Not only new devices, but also a new kind of engineering, even in an early stage of research, are necessary to translate innovative ideas into efficient clinical treatment as soon as possible.

New building offers great potential

With its new building the Center for Biohybrid Medical Systems offers outstanding opportunities: its transparency stimulates exchange and collaboration between scientists from a variety of disciplines. In specifically designed “system labs” various components from different working groups are assembled to prototype production lines, in order to prove the feasibility of complex medical products during their developmental stage.

The following biohybrid medical systems are investigated and developed on the three floors of the CBMS:

  • Biohybrid implants for the cardiovascular system, like heart valves, vascular grafts and stents
  • Lung support systems, which are biocompatible and stable long term
  • Biohybrid nanoparticles for diagnosis and cancer therapy