Welcome to the Institute of Applied Medical Engineering

  The AME-Team in front of the Center for Biohybrid Medical Systems Copyright: © AME

For more than ten years our institute, AME, has pursued a biomedical engineering research profile, which is characterized by consistent and comprehensive interdisciplinarity. Therefore, AME represents a vital example for the often-quoted convergence of disciplines.

The close interaction of the highly innovative technology offers of the engineering sciences with the newest insights and methods of biosciences and medicine pervades all areas of activities and is characteristic of our undertakings and projects.

To this end, RWTH Aachen University offers an exceptional opportunity with its combined expertise in the technical faculties, the natural sciences faculty and the medical faculty including the University Hospital.

Our team consists of scientists and students from engineering, medicine, physics, information science and chemistry, working closely together in multiple research and development projects.

Arising from these collaborations are innovative diagnostic and therapeutic approaches, new momentum for teaching, and an extensive catalogue of jointly-supervised engineering, natural-science, and medical dissertations.

Our research and development projects comprise of modelling, construction, prototyping, experimental validation and preclinical testing of biomedical engineering products. With regard to ATMP, so called Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products, we also provide cell cultivation and investigate bioreactor conditioning. Furthermore, we accompany innovative methods and products in clinical studies.

Our cooperations include a great variety of national and international industrial and academic partners.

The institute is part of the working group Helmholtz Institute for Biomedical Engineering of RWTH Aachen University and is partly located in the building “Helmholtz Institute” close to the University Hospital.

Further parts of the institute are located in our new research building CBMS, the Center for Biohybrid Medical Engineering, at Forckenbeckstraße, approximately 100 m away, and in the Medical Technology Center MTZ across the street.

Some spin-offs from the institute as well as cooperative partners from the medical technology industry are housed in the building ZBMT, Center for Biomedical Technology, also located just across the street. All the buildings and facilities referred to are part of the RWTH Campus Cluster Biomedical Engineering.