CVE – Cardiovascular Engineering


The Department of Cardiovascular Engineering, short CVE, is the origin of the Helmholtz-Institute for Biomedical Engineering. It was continuously built up by Professor Helmut Reul ever since the foundation of the Institute in 1971 and quickly gained a high international reputation.



Ulrich Steinseifer

Head of Department Cardiovascular Engineering


+49 241 80 47430



Professor Reul headed the group until his death in November 2004. Professor Ulrich Steinseifer succeeded and manages the department until today.

The field of the department

  • on the one hand is the development of cardiac assist devices, heart valve replacement and lung assist devices,
  • on the other hand is the applied research in the field of blood compatibility, numerical simulation and experimental testing.

It is our philosophy and long tradition to transfer the results of basic research studies into product developments. Some products could already be successfully introduced in the clinical arena. You will find examples of our successful product developments in the navigation bar at Spin Off Products.

The translation of our research results is supported by our Quality Management System, which was installed in 2010.

The main goal of our work is a continuous improvement of quality of life for the patients. In this sense our research and development activities will continuously aim to a better understanding of physiologic and biologic body reactions to technical support and replacement systems in order to develop new therapies, or at least improve the existing ones.

We always try to include our latest research results in our educational courses. Our particular interest is an interdisciplinary education of engineering, medical and basic science students. Please learn more about our educational courses in the navigation bar at Academics.

We also provide our technologies and methods as engineering services. Please find more information on our services in the navigation bar at Services.


Theses and Jobs

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