The department of Science Management (SCM) regularly offers theses and student research projects (Studienarbeiten), which are suitable for students of computer science and mathematics, and as well for students of  engineering and medicine with a computer science background/interest.


Interdisciplinary bachelor and master theses are possible in cooperation with an institute of computer science or mathematics (first reviewer).

In addition, the preparation of a student research project (Studienarbeit) (6 credits) as part of the medical application subject (Master's programme in computer science or mathematics) is mandatory.

A selection of open topics from the areas of machine learning, data & text mining and information retrieval are listed on the institutes website Current Topics

The topics can be customized to the type of work (study-/bachelor-/master thesis) and the interest of the students. Students are also welcome to suggest their own topics.

Contact: Dr. Robert Farkas.