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Dietmar Faßbänder


Dietmar Faßbänder

Head of Mechanical Workshop


+49 241 80 88624



Where ideas become reality

The workshop of the Institute of Applied Medical Engineering, with its many years of experience and further training of its staff, offers decisive support in the conversion of ideas into real test benches and laboratory samples.

The workshop is equipped with the following machines:

4 CNC milling machines with up to 5 axes
2 CNC lathes - one machine is equipped with driven tools
1 CNC die-sinking EDM machine
1 tool presetter
1 3-D printer Eden 350 V / Connex 3

In addition, the workshop is equipped with conventional machines that complete the manufacturing possibilities.

The CNC milling machines can be programmed and controlled using the MasterCam CAD/CAM software available in the workshop. This enables us to produce freeform contours on the milling machines; the required CAD volume models are made available to the workshop to generate the toolpaths.

A 3D printer from Stratasys is available for fast generative production. The printer works in the Polyjet process and can process three different model materials at the same time.



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port_Faßbänder_DietmarHead of Mechanical Workshop
Dietmar Faßbänder
Tel.: +49 241 80 88624
Port_Baldin_ThomasThomas Baldin Tel.: +49 241 80 88618
port_Lipka_JürgenJürgen Lipka Tel.: +49 241 80 88618
port_Mangartz_DominiqueDominique Mangartz Tel.: +49 241 80 88618
port_Niens_MarcelMarcel Niens Tel.: +49 241 80 88618
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