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Sabrina Herren

Executive Assistant CVE


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Collection Heart valve Prostheses

Since the founding of the institute in 1971, the development and testing of heart valve prostheses has been a major research area at the CVE. As a result, over the years, a remarkable collection of both clinically relevant heart valve prostheses and own-developed prosthesis designs has been accumulated, providing a comprehensive overview of the history of the development of artificial heart valve prostheses.

The collection of biological and mechanical heart valve prostheses, the CVE Heart Valve Museum, was opened to the public in 2014. The exhibits and their integration into the historical context are exhibited in the institute and can be visited by prior appointment. In addition, the collection has been digitalized and can be viewed on our website.

The CVE Heart Valve Museum has also been included in the Coordination Centre for Scientific University Collections. This is a BMBF-funded project located at the Humboldt University of Berlin which, on the recommendation of the German Science Council, promotes and networks scientific collections at universities throughout Germany.

From 2015 to 2017, some exhibits were on loan from the DASA Arbeitswelt exhibition in Dortmund and Granada, Spain.

If you would like to learn more about our collection, please visit the websites mentioned above or contact us directly.

Collection Blood pumps

Blood pumps for cardiac support and total heart replacement are another research area of the CVE. In the institute, we show a small collection of different left-ventricular assist devices and artificial hearts. The exhibits are on the one hand prototypes developed from own research and development projects and on the other hand systems with clinical relevance.