New BMBF project granted: InSiliMed


InSiliMed - A Digital Twin for Personalized Cardiovascular Medicine

The project focuses on digital technologies, and in particular "in silico medicine", for diseases of the cardiovascular system as well as respiratory diseases. Two main topics will be investigated: On the one hand, the use of computer models in the approval process of medical devices, and on the other hand, the application of these models in computer-assisted and patient-individualized medicine.

The so-called "digital twins"; a combination of AI-based technologies with high-resolution numerical simulations, will be able to,

(1) test novel therapies and medical devices in a virtual environment, thus contributing to the development of innovative approaches to cardiopulmonary diseases as well as accelerate regulatory approval processes.

(2) To phenotype patients in small steps for clinical decision making and thus personalize diagnosis and treatment.

The project is funded by the BMBF

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