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Prof. em. Dr.

Albert Ramon

Scientific honormember BioTex



Curriculum Vitae - Chairman ITERA Life-Sciences Forum

Personal data:

Name: Ramon

First name: Albert

Nationality: Belgian

Place/ date of birth: Torhout, Belgium – 30.03.1940

Address: Stationsstraat 56/9, B-3620 Lanaken


  • Doctor in medical and biomedical Sciences.
  • Euro Doctor certificate in Immunology(Auto – Immune Diseases and Immunology)
  • Boerhaeve Certificate Infections Diseases
  • Master in Business Administration (MBA), Strategic Marketing

Job experience, Functions:

Institution 1: University Hospital of Antwerp, Belgium

Department of Gastroenterohepatology

Function: Scientific Consultant

Institution 2: Institute of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine,

by short ITERM, at the Lukas Klinik Neuss, D

Function: Investigator Research Projects

Institution 3: Lukaskrankenhaus Rheintor, Dept. of Urology

Function: Scientific Consultant




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Invited speaker for the WorldGeneConvention 2017, Macao China


Nominated as Scientific-Consultant at the ITERM – Institute Neuss, German.

Institute for Tissue Engineering and regenerative Medicine, by short ITERM


Nominated as Scientific-Consultant dept. of Urology at the Lukas Hospital Neuss. Germany


Invitation of CBN North-America, as an EU member for this Network.

The Continental Business Network, by short CBN


Appointed as President of the Board of Fat - Stem Laboratories.


Joint Prize-Winners for Best Poster at IDEAL Collaboration Conference 2016. Autologous plasma coating improves the biocompatibility of mesh implants. On the IDEAL way from bench to bedside.

Holger Gerullis 1,2 Thorsten Ecke, Dimitri Barski 1, Christoph Eimer 1, Mihaly Boros 3, Bernd Klosterhalfen 4, Albert Ramon 5, Thomas Otto 1

1 Lukas Hospital Neuss, Neuss, Germany, 2 University of Oldenburg, Oldenburg, Germany, 3 University of Szeged, Szeged, Hungary, 4 German Centre for Implant-Pathology, Düren, Germany, 5 ITERA International Tissue Engineering Research Association, Antwerpen, Belgium


Nominated as Scientific-Consultant in a clinical setting at the University Hospital Antwerp dept. Gastroenterohepatology


Founder of the Flemish Inter-University Proteins project.


Coordinator of the Flemish Inter-University “IWT project, concerning feeding and movement”.


As President of ITERA, received the UNESCO recognition of the International Code of Ethics, presented by the UNESCO Chair of BioEthics and Human Rights Prof Dr Alberto Garcia Gomez (21 November 2011)


Invited by the University of Queensland Australia to participate on the Comparative Study of Processes, Systems and Regulations in Manufacturing and Application of Stem Cells and other Cell Therapies


Invited speaker at the 4th Annual Congress of Industrial Biotechnology China Dalian


5th ITERA Workshop: 21-22 November 2011


Awarded with the “Otto Meyerhof Price 2010-2013” in Neuss, Germany

Otto Meyerhof, Nobel Price 1922


Member of different Scientific Societies BASL, IPLASS, GSZ , ISHD


Elected as member of the Advisory Board of Directors Unithink, DOMO-group


Invited as ITERA Chairman at the World Congress TERMIS in
Vienna 2012

Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Society, by short TERMIS

1989 - 2010

Consultant of Immunologic and Infectious Diseases,

at the University Hospital of Antwerp, dept. Gastroenterohepatology

headed by Prof. Dr. P. Pelckmans, and Prof. Dr. P. Michielsen


Nanotechnology in Medicine, R&D Project in cooperation with WFUBMC, ITERM, Vision4 Life-Sciences, and ECMTA.


Guest lector at the Baptist Wake Forest University,

Institute for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine


Founding member of Institute of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, by short ITERM, at Lukas Hospital Neuss, Germany


CMO Unithink – Chief Medical Officer


Organizer of the 4th Symposium ITERA

The theme of this year’s workshop is “Stem Cells: From the basic research to the pre-clinical and clinical applications”.


Invited speaker on the C.E. Alken-Preisträger Mannheim.


Study Project: Optimization and application of a nanotechnology based amplification technique for visualizing various biomolecules.

Prof. Marc Ramael, Prof. Dr. A. Ramon


Organizer of the 3rd Symposium ITERA,

Theme 3rd symposium: “Stem Cells from the cord-blood, cord and placenta; scientific approaches, pre-clinical and clinical applications.”


Founder and CEO Vision4 Life-Sciences, Think tank for Innovative Applications in Pharma- and Biotech Industries.


Co-investigator for 8 Projects submitted for the EU Frame Works,
3 projects awarded.

ITERA members participated in HEPADIB – HYPERLAB


Organizer of the 2nd ITERA symposium,

Research Project Hepatic Cells, Isolation, differentiation, characterization and functional properties.

Project leader A. Ramon


Organizer of the 1st ITERA symposium
Result ITERA workshops, EU project CRYSTAL,

Cry o-banking of Stem Cells for Human Therapeutic AppLication or CRYSTAL .

Leading Prof. Dr. Hesschler, Univ. Cologne in 5 EU Universities and one SME Cryo-Save. European’s largest Private Family Stem Cell Bank


Co-Founder of European Centre of Medical and Technical Applications, by short ECMTA

Director Dr. A. Jung and Mss. Dr. Jung, Paul Schalluckstrasse 8, 50939 Köln


Founder und Initiator European Centre of Imaging and Biometry ECIMB Leuven, Belgium Training Centre for diagnostic Radiology.


Founder, Initiator and Chairman International Tissue Engineering Research Association, by short ITERA .


Invited guest lector Stem Cell Institute Minneapolis,

Minnesota, U.S.A in December 2004


Co-Investigator in COOP 2004-512855: Project

New Vaccination Therapies for Lung Cancer


Research & Development of the – RIDIS – system

short form - Real Intelligent Data Informatics System

Product Cooperation with ‘ZeitControl – Minden’ and Unithink,

A Platform for individual clinical data.


AIMO Coordinator and partner in “Design and Optimization of an RNA-modified Dendritic Cell Vaccine for Cancer”. UZA, Univ. Hosp.Antwerp,


Co-author. Molecular diagnosis and Lab-on-a-Strip.


Founder und Chairman AIMO – Organiser of different Workshops in Maastricht

Autologous ImmunoModulated Onco-Vaccination therapy group, by short AIMO


Scientific advisor EUREGIO Biotechnology Park,

University Maastricht, Drs. René Vleugels


Investigator and Research Collaboration Fibrosis Marker with
Bayer AG Leverkussen Germany


Co-Author – Handbook Immunopathology of Liver Diseases: An Overview Diagnostic and Clinical Aspects.

Authors: Prof. Dr. Krueger GRF, A. Ramon AMC


Guest editor InterVirology, International Journal

Novel Immunology Aspects of CMV-Related Diseases.

Pathogenesis, Diagnosis, and Therapy


Elected member of the International Scientific Professionals -
Who’s WHO


Co-organizer and speaker at the International Workshop on HSV infections,

Kerkrade, Netherlands headed by Prof. Dr. Krueger GRF

1996 -1998

Co-author Study Protocol on Cytokines in Obesity, –

Are circulating cytokines playing a role in obesity. A CYTOB-pilot study.

Headed by Prof. Dr. Van Gaal, University Hospital, Antwerp Dept. Endocrinology

1994 – 1997

Co investigator in a Benelux Hepatitis C study Protocol.


CMV Patent, Co-author: Human Cytomegalovirus Antigen and its use (Triple Antigen) n° 5.800.952


Chairman and speaker ELAS meeting Brussels

Cytokines and Liver diseases, New Biomarkers.
Hypothesis as novel Biomarkers in Liver dieases.

European Ligand Assay Society


Genzyme, Virotech Award, Award for the Contribution in R&D and
QCM of different projects

1992 - 1995

Consultant Dept of Microbiology at the University of Maastricht.

Investigator CMV – patent.


Organon Teknika Award, AKZO Nobel Award 1992:

Partner in Research and Development


Co-author of Clinical Study of Psychoneuro-Immunological and Endocrine Network Regulation of Growth and Metastasis in Human Breast Cancer Patients. Project Officer: Prof. Dr. GRF Krueger


Invited guest-lector at the University of Houston – Medical School.


Invited guest lector : “Lyme Project” at the Gustav Liebig University, Prof. Dr. Wellensiek


Co-founder International Institute of Immunopathology, Köln.

USA, Japan, Mexico - Director Prof. Dr. GRF Krueger

1986 – 1989

Co-investigator in an EU Frame Work Project

n° 86400465DE07PUJU1

Pathogenesis of Malignant Lymphomas Epidemiology Immunopathology and Virology studies in prelymphomatous conditions (incl. AIDS) and in malignant lymphomas. Director Prof. Dr. GRF Krueger

1984 – 1986

Co-investigator in a Clinical Trial, International IVIG Study protocol in Aids Related Complex, by short ARC – Prof. Dr. Krueger GRF,

Visiting Fellow – Prof. Dr. Gallo