Asterix Seminar


Asterix in Science

Everybody knows the adventures of Asterix the Gaul against the Roman Empire. But which medical, biological or physical backgrounds lie within those stories featuring the short and brave Gaul?

  • What medical facts build the basis for Miraculix compounding his various magic potions?
  • Which biological aspects are part of Obelix pulling out trees?
  • Which laws of physics are bent creatively when Asterix is bashing Romans?
  • Where are overlaps between the stories and modern medicine and biology?

These and other questions will be investigated within the seminar “Asterix in Science” (1 Semester, ca. 2 SWS, 4ECTS).

Along with the free choice of medical or physical questions, students will learn about scientific research, presentation techniques and team work and put these directly into practice within the seminar.

This course will mix class room lecturing with independent studies assisted by the lecturers electronically.

Registration can be done via RWTH-Online; high demand will be split by sortition.