Daniela Duarte Campos

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Lehr- und Forschungsgebiet Rehabilitations- und Präventionstechnik


Daniela Duarte Campos is a Habilitation candidate in the Advanced Materials for Biomedicine group at AME, RWTH Aachen. She received a PhD with honors in Bioprinting, Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering from RWTH Aachen (2016). She has a double Masters’ degree in Biomedical Engineering from University of Minho, Portugal (2010), and Laboratory Animal Science from RWTH Aachen International Academy (2019). As a postdoc, she led the Bioprinting & Stem Cell group at RWTH Aachen University Hospital (2016-2018), and she received a DFG research fellowship to visit the lab of Prof. Sarah Heilshorn at Stanford University (2019). She is currently the project leader of an ERS Life Sciences funded project at RWTH Aachen, focussing on developing a magnetic field-assisted bioprinter to generate bioarchitectural 3D tissue models.


Phone: 0241 80 47480