Innovative Medicine NRW - Trend Report "Biologisation in medicine"

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Negative interactions frequently caused by the use of synthetic and exogenous materials present a major challenge to medicine. Hope for remedy is offered by innovative procedures that help to improve implant compatibility by using biologic or bioactive substances or endogenous materials. In the long run, biologic materials or artificially “engineered” endogenous structures for replacement are to provide an alternative to organ transplantation.

North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) is a vibrant centre of research and has numerous suitable clinics that can pave the way for innovative therapies towards patient care. In addition to a strong pharmaceutical industry, NRW has many small and medium-sized biotechnology and medical technology businesses that are capable of transferring these therapies to industry.

The Cluster InnovativeMedizin.NRW supports the implementation of “biologization“ in medicine by means of its strong regional network of relevant stakeholders along the value chain. The cluster has particularly strong experience potential and excellent network structures in the field of “biohybrid medical systems“: The “Ein Herz für NRW“ (“A Heart for NRW“) flagship project, which was initiated by the cluster, focuses on the development of a heart purely based on biomaterials and endogenous substances as a homogenous replacement organ.