BEE – Biophysical & Education Engineering


Martin Baumann


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Working on projects in medical engineering always makes use of interdisciplinary concepts. The Biophysical & Education Engineering group, BEE, therefore is dedicated to two major aims: scientific research and professional education.

Nanomagnetic Medical Engineering

The subgroup Nanomagnetic Medical Engineering investigates since 2016 magnetic nanoparticles for their use in clinical and medical engineering settings.

We use magnetic nanoparticles due to their useful properties once suspended to the circulatory system: They can deliver pharmaceutic agents to the spot, can locally increase tissue temperature and show a good visibility in MR settings.

To support the findings from computer simulations with practical experiments, we also synthesize a wide variety of different nanoparticles in-house and thoroughly characterize them with various biochemical measurement methods.

University teaching

In order to develop and further optimize university teaching, we continuously develop, analyze and perpetuate advanced teaching and learning formats.

Based on a most practical background, these formats support student progress in independence and responsibility by offering scientific practice and research based learning.

On top, we offer various courses in important key qualifications, for example

  • giving talks,
  • learning methods,
  • mnemonics and
  • explaining techniques.

The synergy of all methods increases the professional qualification of our students.